Nintendo wii not updating

It's not out of the question that it could release NX in 2016, too, and if it does indeed combine portable and home gaming into a single [platform/device/sentient primordial goo/whatever], that means we're probably looking at Nintendo starting to wrap things up for the Wii U.

On the off chance there are any huge Wii U games coming out that we haven't heard about, it's possible we'll get announcements this week.

Note: Make sure you are using the right disk for your console.

Some people still don't realize that the Wii and the Wii U are different consoles.

Some older Wii units have trouble with dual-layer discs, which pack more info onto a disk (games that use dual-layer disks include If you have a Wii that is having trouble reading a dual layer disc you can try a lens cleaning kit available at any optical store.

If you've cleaned the disk and cleaned the Wii and it still won't play, it's probably just a bad disc.

To temper expectations about this, Nintendo even left a little note to that effect on the Nintendo Direct live-streaming page.

But here's what we expect, from pro forma updates on previously announced titles to big blockbuster announcements (maybe).

was not a simple release: There were two versions, one for Game Cube with standard controls and one for Wii with motion controls.

That's not a very lengthy delay, which means we'll likely get some announcements about it—more gameplay modes, perhaps, but another not-unlikely scenario is the announcement of for Nintendo 3DS is only out in Japan right now, and it is an absolutely stellar greatest-hits collection of hundreds of musical mini-games from throughout the entire series.

It represents a particularly onerous localization problem, since songs have to be re-recorded into English at the very least.

Then again, if it is, now would be the time to announce—E3 2016 is going to be all about NX, which means any remaining Wii U and 3DS games need to be unveiled asap.

So depending on how much is still in the pipeline, there's still room for some big surprises even if this Direct only focuses on current-gen games in a limited time window.

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