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And so that’s going to lead to more money, which would then make you more attractive on a website.The other thing is looks matter a lot, but it turns out that weight doesn’t matter that much independent of looks.I’m not sure why, but there are several female authors I really enjoy, I’m not sure why I didn’t include them.”And here, someone who is already reading books by women acknowledges his own guilt in not including them among his favorites. We still live in a world where books by men, especially canon, are held on a pedestal in a way books by women are not. So far I’ve gotten surprisingly few trolls and harassers around this comment, though I have my filters set rather high for my inbox so I may just not see them when they happen. I’ve had lots of great messages from it, too, though if you decide to take this step you need to be ready for people to ask you which books by women you should read. I date all genders, and while this definitely happens across the board, men are the worst offenders.I got so tired of if that eventually I added the following paragraph to my profile: I regularly shout about diverse books, #ownvoices, and reading female authors, so it made sense for me to include this after my own author list.

in August and you know got back on as a way to meet people, and get to know the city a little bit. Like, just nothing to do with my profile, and so I wondered does anyone care at all. So I wanted to see if there was a lower limit to how awful a person could be before men would stop messaging her on an online dating site. DUBNER: Talk about some of your favorite highlights or lowlights of your profile. DUBNER: Talk to me a minute about the 6 things you could never do without. REED: She — to me, the worst person in the world is definitely racist. REED: Well after so many messages started rolling in the optimist in me decided that these men had just seen the pretty photo and had not read her profile.So that makes sense that women should be more attracted to money than men to begin with. So someone to hang out with and if it turns into more that’s good?[MUSIC: Two Dark Birds, “Run For Daylight”] DUBNER: Okay, so Paul Oyer knows a good bit about the rules of attraction in online dating – which, if you think about it, is just dating with a much bigger pool and a much better filter. He lives in New York, and he’s a producer at the public-radio show “On The Media,” and he co-hosts a podcast called “TLDR.” And PJ is a brave, brave soul – because he let us open up his Ok Cupid profile and pick it apart, on the radio: OYER: Have you been told before that you look like Ryan from The Office? I’ve been told I look like Andy from the office, which I take as a dig… VOGT: Yeah, option value sounds like a good way to put it.[MUSIC: Tear Ceremony, “I Dream of You Endlessly” (from Resin)] Alli REED: I had been personally on OKCupid on and off for a few years… REED: I actually, believe it or not, did not want to meet any of these men in real life. Alli Reed wrote a fake OKCupid profile for a really good-looking 25-year-old woman who also happened to be a racist, gold-digging, fake-pregnant-getting nightmare – and she got almost 1,000 replies. OYER: Just to give you one statistic that comes from the OKCupid blog, and I’m quoting here, “A hot woman receives roughly four times the messages an average-looking woman gets and 25 times as many as an ugly one.” And then there’s this interesting superstar effect where the very hottest 5 percent of men get twice as many emails as men who are just below that, who are more like the 10 percentile most attractive, but not among the very top 5 percent. So under the section “what I am really good at” the only thing she lists is “convincing people I’m pregnant.” DUBNER: LOL at the end of it. DUBNER: And how many dates did you have then out of Aaron Carter Fan fishing? [THEME] ANNOUNCER: From WNYC: This is FREAKONOMICS RADIO, the podcast that explores the hidden side of everything. [MUSIC: The Diplomats of Solid Sound, “The Cuber Bake” (from Let’s Cool One)] DUBNER: We’re talking today about online dating.

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And, more important, he realized, dating could be much improved if only everybody approached it like an economist would. OYER: Now, more education, it turns out, doesn’t have much of a direct effect.

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